Amanda Blum

HBIC @ Howling Zoe Productions

Amanda Blum

HBIC @ Howling Zoe Productions



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I help companies execute strategy and sites that makes the best use of technology and sustainable processes.

Empowering organizations by architecting the right digital presence for their goals by conducting proven exercises with stakeholders about constituents and quantifiable benchmarks of success. We guarantee success of a project by applying tested process and development to web builds and ensuring that the entire online and offline marketing experience is integrated, sustainable and outcome oriented.

I am a founding organizer of WordCamp Boston and WordCamp Phoenix and ran the first WordPress track at CMSExpo. I’m a speaker at WordCamps Boston, Phoenix, NYC, Savannah, Portland, Las Vegas, Miami, Seattle, Providence and Chicago, and have spoken at WordPress meetups in Boston, Providence, Cape Cod, Portland, Phoenix and San Francisco. I talk about information architecture, bending the WP workflow to your will, and how to keep clients from f’ing up the sites you make them.


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