Mike Brogan

Owner @ Mike Brogan Consulting

Mike Brogan

Owner @ Mike Brogan Consulting




I make high-quality, affordable websites for small businesses and non-profits.

Each business is different, but nearly all businesses have the same needs from a website: to communicate information, start a conversation, and generate leads and sales. I will work with you to come up with a successful project plan. To do so, I will follow these steps:

1. Learn about your business goals.
Your website should be about serving your business goals. I’ll work with you to make sure that each page is designed to turn leads into conversions.

2. Understand your target audience.
Websites exist to serve your customers, so the design and content need to reflect the wishes and desires of your target audience.

3. Appropriate design.
With a combination of deliberate typography, striking images, and keyword-rich content, I’ll come up with a look that will fit your organization perfectly.

4. Good coding practices.
I use modern techniques and well-crafted HTML5 and CSS3 to achieve good-looking, SEO-friendly results.

Get in touch! I’d love to learn about your project.


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