Lee Drozak

WordPress Designer + Digital Strategiest @ LeeDrozak Biz

Lee Drozak

WordPress Designer + Digital Strategiest @ LeeDrozak Biz

Pennsylvania USA



I redesign and develop WordPress website. I’m obsessed with ending website shame. Website shame doesn’t just include ugly websites. It’s those that are forgotten, abandoned and include everything but the kitchen sink. I’m here for you if you grimace when you give someone your website address or tell people where to find you with a disclaimer attached.

My expertise comes from experience combined with trial and error, ups and downs, learning and doing things that can’t be taught in any classroom. Over more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of hours of serial learning I’ve honed my skills to create websites that fit businesses of any size. I walk the digital walk by mastering technology, so you don’t have to.

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Confirmed as a speaker for WordCamp Pittsburgh, PA 2017 coming up on September 9th

8 months ago

Confirmed as a speaker for WordCamp Kent, OH 2017 coming up on June 24th

12 months ago

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Posted a reply to Help needed integrating Gensis enews Extended plugin with Infusionsoft, on the site WordPress.org Forums: Try these: Form Action
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